Energy Storage for Wind Turbines
Energy Storage for Wind Turbines


Impressive engineering has successfully completed the first phase of the Hydraulic Storage R&D project. The second phase goal is to design, build and test a full scale prototype. The prototype can be a modified medium size wind turbine (300/500kW) which is equipped with energy storage.

Impressive Engineering would like to call for financial support and technical assistance to be able to successfully complete the second phase of the project. The ideal investors are companies who are interested in green technologies and trust in R&D projects, companies who aim to increase their production and revenue by innovative solutions.

Energy storage is a vital technology for renewable energy in particular wind energy. A successful prototype will introduce a new generation of wind turbine with a built-in Hydraulic Storage (WT+HS) to the market.

Preliminary assessments shows that WT+HS will well compete in the energy market and therefore it is expected that WT+HS will have a fast growing market which benefits the investor.

The investor's business in the WT+HS new market will be protected by the intellectual property rights. WT+HS may also influence or challenge the conventional wind turbines market.

The essence of energy storage for future energy management and boosting the green energy is well recognised. Governments have already allocated funds for energy storage R&D projects. These funds can be granted to help the investor and Impressive Engineering in financing of the second phase of the project.

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