Energy Storage for Wind Turbines
Energy Storage for Wind Turbines


Wind energy is a naturally occurring resource and by its nature is unpredictable. Accordingly, the amount of electrical energy produced by a wind turbine can also be subject to variation over time. Therefore the produced energy can be lost when winds are high and energy is not required and also there can be no power at a period of demand when there is no wind.

The above concern has encouraged Impressive Engineering Limited to develop an energy storage system operable with wind turbines which is capable of producing a constant energy supply from irregular wind energy. A practical and commercially feasible energy storage system that is capable of matching intermittent wind energy production with daily fluctuations in energy demand. The energy produced at off-peak hours can be stored and used later to meet high demand peak hours.

Combining an energy storage system with a wind turbine reduces the turbine capital cost, increases the electricity production, and provides a predictable energy. Therefore this combination results in higher revenue compared with a conventional wind turbine.

Pumped Storage, Batteries, Compressed Air Systems, Flywheels are examples of known energy storage and recovery systems. However practical and economical concerns have limited the frequent use of these systems in wind turbines at present.

Impressive Engineering aim is to take a major step forward in protecting the environment. We believe this goal can only be achieved by investing on R&D projects to develop new green technologies.

Subsidising the cost of green energy by governments is an artificial boost. Genuine contribution of green energy in the world will be expected if only the green energy can economically challenge the generated energy from fossil fuels.

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